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I was referred to Steven by my GP for treatment in connection with a left shoulder injury, which was getting progressively worse.
Having had two previous operations on my right shoulder, I was nervous the same procedure awaited me on this occasion. Although I
was initially resistant to completing the exercises Steven suggested, I persevered with them and over time, my injury
recovered. I have subsequently damaged my knees and ankles through running injuries and Steven has successfully treated these as well.

Having used physiotherapists at various stages of my life, I can easily say Steven is the best I have met. He carefully explains the
workings of the various muscle groups and why they have been injured, how they work and why the suggested exercises will work,
rather than simply telling you to do whatever is prescribed. I feel more motivated to complete the exercises because I better understand the injury and what the rehabilitation is actually doing.

In addition to day to day physio treatment, Steven has helped me with diet and nutrition, strength and conditioning training and
helped me achieve personal best times for running 5K and 10K distances by giving me structured training plans and advice on the
way in which I move whilst running. He is therefore so much more than a physio and really does “optimise” your recovery and
wellbeing. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

September 2023


Tired sore and just feeling incredibly lethargic after training hard for long periods. My body needed some healing, love and general care so I booked myself in for a 60 minute sports massage and I am so glad I did!

Beth did an incredible job, she listened to what my needs were and used her expertise to get back to training again. I will definitely return and start including this more often. I would highly recommend Beth and Optimal Physio.

September 2023


As a mature rower who has spent some 40 years in the sport, I was struggling with hip pain four years ago which was affecting not only my enjoyment on the water but also my dog walks. I came to see Steven on a recommendation and basically haven’t looked back. I follow his rehab programme and have monthly visits when he pulls me in all sorts of directions before giving me a massage.

I intersperse this with sports massages from Beth and really feel the benefit. I’m still rowing, still competitive and enjoying walking and running again.

September 2023


Previously I had been running 70/80 km a week, playing football and fitness was an integral part of my lifestyle. Not only for my physical wellbeing but so important for my mental health too. A pain began in my groin that would stop me from enjoying exercise but would force me to rest and even miss out on social activities. This went on for 2 to 3 years and even at the age of just 35 I began to think that maybe I was just getting old and would have to give up running. Eventually I contacted the NHS who over the next few months tried to diagnose the problem, including X-rays to my hip and various other tests that never got to the root of the problem. By this time I had put on weight, my mood was low and I had given up running and football due to the pain and discomfort it created. I moved to Glasgow and decided enough was enough and I would begin to look for a way to recover. I did a web search and Optimal popped up. The more I researched the more Optimal popped up, reading the reviews also made me decide that I would contact Optimal and make an appointment. From the first appointment Steven was able to confidently diagnose my problem and told me that although it would be a lot of hard work he would be able to help me recover. To be honest I was so low at the time I really didn’t know if I believed him but I was willing to try. I found the exercise app and encouragement from Steven one of the things that helped keep me on track. Steven and I talked about what I was missing out on, my goals and how much returning to running and football would mean to me. Having never done any strength and conditioning the programme was tough and new to me but I stuck with it and started to see the benefits. Now I am back to my old self and running 5km in 20 minutes. Something I thought was no longer possible!  I cannot thank Steven enough for not only listening to me but also believing that I could get back to my activities. He has always been there to support me when I have doubted the process and I could not have recovered my identity and sense of purpose without committing to the plan of care so carefully constructed by Steven and the team. I would highly recommend Optimal, not just because they have taken the pain of my injury away but because they were empathetic and supportive and helped me find the things I lost from before I decided to pursue my recovery. 

October 2022


Just wanted to send a quick thank you message to James for his consultation with me yesterday.

So good to have somebody looking at the bigger picture of what has been going on. It made  such a lot of sense and I had the best night’s sleep for a long time.

Been doing the exercises and so good to get the information so quickly.

Appreciate all the information from Steven too.

Used Optimal in the past and was impressed but have to say in this strange time we are living in it is so good to feel that you obviously really care about the people you are working with.

Thank you.

CHRIS DENCH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    October 2022

I can genuinely say that I could not be happier with the treatment and overall experience. The administration is excellent, the physio sessions and exercises have already made a huge difference. The follow up emails and video clips are perfect. I have had many different physios through my military career and your practice is the best I have experienced. I can think of nothing that would help you improve.
Many thanks

November 2021

Resulting from a fall while carrying a small table, I damaged my foot and got what is called a dropped arch. I have a very high instep. This injury caused me much pain which seemed to be getting worse and more debilitating. Following advice from friends, I decided to make an appontment to see Steven and what a good decision that was. In the first place, Steven is a really good listener while he assesses the situation. Then he gives the problem much care and attention plus the benefit of his experience. Steven uses the latest equipment to diagnose the problem but he also has a ‘hands on’ approach to investigate the source of the problem. Thanks to the exercises he advised me to do, my foot is better and pain- free.
Thank you Steven.

January 2022

Just thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know I successfully completed the Kilmarnock Room The Toon 10k yesterday. Managed it in a reasonably respectable (for me) time too. I couldn’t have done this without your guidance and support over the past couple of years and just wanted you to know I really appreciate it. Two years ago I was advised to stop running altogether so yesterday was a real milestone for me.

August 2021

I cannot thank Steven enough for the expert advice, guidance and physio he provided me when an injury I had left me thinking I would never run again. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second recommending him to anyone and can honestly say I’m now pain and injury free after living with this for 2 years. Last night, within a week of being signed off by him, I ran 5km in 27:38 (a time I haven’t achieved for almost a year). I’m now a massive step closer to getting back to the times I used to run, pre injury. I could not have done this without Stevens expertise and dedication. It was an injury I did not think would ever go away due to the nature of it but thankfully and gratefully, Steven was able to prove me wrong (he knew all the time that it would!) Highly, highly recommended Steven to anyone.

August 2021

First of all, I wanted to thank you for the nutrition guide you put together. I wasn’t expecting it to be in such detail. I’ll use this to properly re-evaluate my diet for the coming months which I’m sure will be more than helpful, so thanks again! The recent BUCS regatta ended up being probably the most successful regatta for the Strathclyde team (and me!) ever. I won a bronze medal in the lightweight quad, silver in the lightweight double and somehow got gold in the lightweight single, which has been the dream for quite a number of years now! I really can’t than you enough for all the help you’ve given me this past year, there was certainly a few points where these kind of results felt like a bit of a hopeless area. The whole regatta was by far my best performance ever, and a big chunk of that was down to you! So thank you again, I’m going to relax a wee bit now before the next lot of racing but I’ll look to come in for a check up before the start of next season.

June 2021
Rower – Strathclyde University Boat Club

I had a bad fall and fractured my wrist which required surgery to insert a plate and several pins. After 6 weeks I attended the hospital to have my splint removed. The doctor I saw left me feeling very anxious and looked horrified when he saw that I had no movement in my wrist. He explained that I would have very limited mobility, then showed me using his own hand the amount of flexion/extension I would have at best for the rest of my life. I was devastated. He told me that I required urgent intensive physio therapy, I thought this would be forthcoming, but after 10 days decided to make a private appointment on a friends recommendation with Optimal Physio. When I called I was extremely emotional and very unsure whether I would ever make a positive recovery. My first point of contact was with Ayesha. The empathy she showed me could not have been more welcome, especially at a time when I felt a dark cloud was hanging over me. She is an extremely nice person who was the supportive start to my relationship with Optimal. From my very first session Steven made me feel so at ease. He assessed my injury, provided me with a tailored exercise program, discussed my expectations and helped me set realistic goals for my journey to recovery. Steven has not only supported me with my injury, he has also supported me with my mental health due to the anxious state I was in following my injury. His kindness and encouragement was so important in building my confidence to achieve a positive outcome. I would not be where I am today without Steven. Steven is highly skilled in his field and genuinely cares about his clients. I will never be able to thank him enough for the support and encouragement he has given me. From starting with literally no movement at all, I’ve now regained almost full mobility and my flexion/extension is perfect thanks to Steven! I would have no hesitation in recommending Optimal. And, my advice to those in pain or discomfort is……pick up the phone and call Optimal. They will be able to help you.

July 2021

Thanks to Steven’s knowledge, care and attention to detail, I’m playing tennis pain-free for the first time in a year. I’d been having severe pain in my heel during and after matches. It had started to affect both my performance and day-to-day life. I attended Optimal Physio where he assessed and then analysed my gait, using his foot scanning equipment. Steven was able to pinpoint where the issues in my heel and foot lay and why the pain was occurring. I was given a personalised programme to follow to help improve strength in my heel, and Steven also developed customised orthotic insoles to give me further support in my feet. Steven’s after care has been first-class and I’m back in business, feeling fitter than ever. No more heel pain. I’d highly recommend Steven and the Optimal Physio team.


I’d just like to say how much I appreciated the treatment I have received from Steven. A few months ago I was plagued with neck and shoulder pain but in a few sessions he was able to give me a complete understanding of the underlying issues and exercises that mean I am now pain free. Great work. Very professional and pleasant manner. Absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a physio.

Eaglesham, Lawyer

Thank you for your professional input and support over the past three months. The regular sessions together with your friendly and educational approach provided a platform for discussion and goal setting. While this was not a pain free journey, I felt relaxed during the sessions and grew in confidence in exercising my personal programme at home. Following a successful arthroscopy operation in November 2018 and because my knee had been locked since July 2018, I knew I would require intensive physiotherapy. It was with an open mind that I approached the initial assessment session with Steven in December 2018 and I believe that my range of movement on that session was 0 – 50 degrees. It was with a wonderful sense of achievement when I reached a range of movement from 0 – 100 degrees pain free three months later. This progress was confirmed by my consultant on 5th March 2019. Given the progress to date, I am hoping to avoid knee surgery. I believe that I have made great progress in a short time and I would have no hesitation in recommending Steven to anyone with joint problems.

Post op knee pain

Both the treatment & advice you provided was excellent including how best to prevent further injury. I think it is important to follow your advice & by doing so I am now running injury free.
Thanks for your help.

Family Law Specialist

Thank you to Pamela for her professional services and support after the operation to my foot. It is good that you are located in the Marina area at Largs with good parking available and easy access. Your advice and exercise programme was most welcome and helped speed my recovery. The online booking system was a real bonus in arranging appointments.
Thanks again.


Since beginning regular sports massage with Sarah my legs feel looser and more flexible. Sarah is also happy to arrange appointments around my training schedule. Great service, highly recommended.

Amateur Footballer for Eaglesham Ams

My story is simple. I had been suffering for years with a lower back problem. I had tried every type of potential solution e.g. chiropractors, NHS, private health. You name it I tried it. My back pain got so bad my quality of life was severely affected to the point I couldn’t do simple tasks. That was until I met Steven McLean. From not only a superb physical approach to my problem Stevens’ positive attitude and motivational coaching were fantastic. After 3/4 months I was back playing golf to a reasonable level again. My quality of life has returned and it is all thanks to the fantastic work Steven has put in. I cannot thank him enough and I have recommended him to other friends and family who have also had the same experience and outcome. Quite simply superb.

Senior Partner at Mortgage First UK

I am hugely grateful to Steven for successfully treating a sports related injury I had in my back. I went to see him with my injury a couple of weeks before I was competing in a powerlifting competition so it was important that I was in peak physical condition. Steven quickly diagnosed the exact problem area, effectively treated it and gave me relevant exercises to carry out myself. By the time the competition came, my back was feeling great. He was extremely friendly, approachable and professional throughout. Now that my injury has gone and my competition is over, I’m very much looking forward to booking in with them for a sports massage to relax and unwind! I would have absolutely no hesitations in recommending Steven and the rest of the Optimal Physio team.

Power lifting World Champion & World Record Holder

I’ve been working closely with Steven and the team at Optimal Physio for a number of years now. Running a busy personal fitness company I witness many niggles, muscular imbalances and postural problems amongst my clients. I’ve had no hesitation in sending them to Optimal Physio. I’m always confident their professional, thorough and effective approach will return to me a client in a healthier and happier condition with a clear and structured plan for their road to recovery.

Impact Fitness

Definitely the most beneficial massage treatment I have had for my aching back and shoulders. No longer aching every night I get into bed. Sarah’s treatment is very specific and definitely gets to the core of the problem. Looking forward to my next massage!


After having ACL surgery, Optimal Physio provided me with first class treatment and advice to get me back to where I wanted to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. Being able to book appointments online made things easier for availability to suit me. The professional and sound diagnosis made my aches and pains easier to overcome as I could trust the therapy and programs Optimal Physio provided. I would recommend Optimal Physio to anyone as you can trust the hands-on examination will be as efficient and on point to aid your needs.

Professional Footballer

4x Senior British champion 4x Senior British Open Champion 2x European Junior Bronze Medalist 2x Senior World Championship – 7th place World University Championship bronze medalist I have been going to Optimal Physio now for a couple of years and I have complete faith in Steven’s knowledge with sporting injuries and sport massage. He has played a key role in ensuring my body is prepared for highest level competitions. Having a great physio is a vital part of any athletes support team and I want to say thank you for everything you do for myself and our team.

4 Time Karate British Champion

Steven is undoubtedly the best physiotherapist that I have ever been treated by! After fracturing my fibula in my left ankle in May 2013, I visited Steven after my consultation with the hospital. Steven listened to what I had to say and reviewed the hospital records. He catered for my needs, provided treatment and established the root cause of my injury. The treatment provided was appropriate along with the recovery plan of exercises given to me by Steven to maximise my recovery period. My confidence increased due to the professional service that was being provided but most importantly my mental state changed as I knew I was in good hands. Steven had me back into shape (pain free) within 4-6 weeks, an outstanding achievement as I was expecting to be injured for months. As a scratch golfer it was imperative that I returned quickly to my sport but more importantly pain free. Both objectives were met and I cannot recommend Steven highly enough. If you have a niggle, strain or an injury, please visit Steven at Optimal Physio. He will save you time, money and provide a service that will suit your needs.

Golfer (Scratch Golfer and Insurance Broker!)

I would highly recommend Steven if you are looking for a physio, not only did he help identify the cause of my problem quickly, he provided simple, effective ongoing support and advice to ensure I was fighting fit again. He was also extremely adaptable in fitting appointments around my work commitments, which was very helpful to me. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


A very big Thank You to Steven at Optimal Physio. He helped me overcome my injury and return to my normal activities in a quick and effective way. His friendly, professional and personable approach helped greatly with my rehab and I have complete trust in his treatment and his knowledge in his specialist field. This was mainly down to the way in which Steven took the time to listen to my needs and he clearly and simply explained to me why the injury occurred, what was going on within my muscle group and what he was going to do each step of my recovery program. He gave me clear guidance on what he expected me to do to help the healing process to get me back to full fitness. Steven and I built a very good rapport quickly, which is easy to do with someone like him and he gave me the confidence to look at things differently. He helped me greatly and I would Highly Recommend him. In October 2011 I returned to full fitness and feel on Top of the World. Thank You Steven!! Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value


I would like to thank Steven for all the help I received with both my ankle and hamstring injuries. A very thorough and professional service provided with lots of additional help not only with my rehab but gaining my confidence and fitness back. Steven’s friendly and easygoing approach enables you place total confidence in his abilities and judgement. The time scale predicted for my return was very accurate and I was not rushed back into action before I was ready physically and mentally. Compared with many other physio’s seen before, Steven is a stand out. Not only was I given a comprehensive rehab programme but it was also explained what was being done. Would highly recommend Steven anyone, great guy and brilliant service and results, Thanks again. Top Qualities: Great Results, Knowledgeable, Friendly, Expert


It is hard for me to praise Steven highly enough following my recent treatment and rehabilitation from an injury which was to be the end of my sporting activities. He has defied the opinion of a prominent hospital consultant by analysing and very quickly understanding my condition, specifying an exercise programme to meet the needs of overcoming my injury and executing this plan over a relatively short period of time. The uncomplicated way in which he explained how we would move forward and what was expected of me made this a very enjoyable and productive process. Steven is undoubtedly very talented in his field and along with his patience, encouragement and professional approach I would recommend him to others with confidence. Top Qualities: Expert, Sports Injuries, Great Results


Graeme started treating me 15 months into a back injury which had stopped me running. From the outset he was confident that I would get back to running. His advice and treatment were excellent and I am now running regularly again. His ‘can do’ approach was crucial to my recovery and I would wholeheartedly recommend Optimal Physio.

Runner and GP
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I had long-term problems with my shoulders and back that beauty salon massage did not address. In January I booked a pre-paid package of 6 sport massages with James at Optimal Physio at Largs Marina.The difference in my shoulders was noticeable after only 2 sessions and by the end of the course I could move my neck and shoulders properly for the first time in years. Will attend routinely from now on.

Review Largs Clinic

About seven years ago I fell and after a scan it was discovered that I had three vertebrae compression fractures and had fractured my pelvis. I used crutches, took strong painkillers and had some physiotherapy. Gradually the pain eased and I grew accustomed to living with a certain amount of discomfort. Some of my coping strategies were, when crossing the road, to hold on the post while waiting for the green man, my elbows were always on the table at meal times and in the evening I would lie down on the sofa.
After working with Steven at Optimal Physio I no longer need to use any of these supporting strategies. I enjoy practising a routine of exercises Steven has prescribed for me. They have given me more strength and flexibility. I do not have to hold on to furniture and feel much more confident in my body and myself.
Thank you, Steven.

Review, Clarkston clinic