A recovery plan while you wait.

Jul 27, 2021

Despite restrictions easing for private service providers the health service are still reacting to the legacy COVID has created. Unfortunately that in turn leaves some patients still unable to access their treatment for the time being.

Recently we have seen the Louisa Jordan emergency hospital in Glasgow being decommissioned having received no COVID patients. A milestone in our hopeful recovery. As numbers of COVID patients in hospitals fall it is with hope that other areas of diagnosis and treatment can begin to recover.

Delayed or halted treatment has added physical trials to an already taxing time as new living, working and schooling arrangements, many brought about by lockdown and restrictions, have seen lifestyles change for better and worse and with it past injuries being exacerbated and new injuries being acquired.

So, what can you do if access to treatment is still some months away?

Merely taking some action can be empowering, even if the road to recovery may take some time. Some research and investigation can help you take back some control and make you feel more positive about tackling the days ahead. 

If you pursue a private treatment plan it should not only treat the problem but include ways to increase strength and prevent further injury, keeping you fitter and healthier for longer periods of time. Getting the right information from the right person is crucial to starting off on the right foot and ensuring your intensity, level and type of response is appropriate.

If you would like more information or help to put your plan of action together take a look at the resources here on our website, call for a chat or book with one of our therapists to discuss what you need.

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